23 mar. 2010

El conte de l'ampolla d'aigua

Un altre treball d'Annie Leonard.

2 comentarios:

  1. Great video on the economies of bottled water and manufactured demand. But I have one question for you in Barcelona. Do you drink tap water? I don’t and my children don’t because I am really worried that it is bad for them. For one thing it tastes like shit (oops). I would add one aspect to Annie’s case and that is that there is a role for the governmental bodies to ensure the quality of this basic commodity. Where is our tax money going? Do politicians care about the health of our families? Next time you talk to Annie, ask her to dive into toll ways. My theory is that it is bad for the sustainable economy. Would make a great new video.

  2. You are right, in some sense. Next time I talk to Annie, I'll tell her what comes to your mind any time we drink tap water in Barcelona.

    Sure, it would be great that she or whoever, can make a video on the ways of our tolls and concerns of politicians about our health at that level.

    But I don't think that diving into toll ways is bad for sustainable economy, especially if we focus on the real cost of getting rid of those awful stuff like plastic bottles. Anyone that uses them should know.

    And, on the other hand, we have also the possibility of purifying water at home. Right now, I'm gathering some information on it. I'll tell you, dear.